Geoff Scott is a nationally recognized expert on how seniors can avoid scams, preventing elder abuse, aging in place and safety in the home. He is an educator and an advocate who offers protection and knowledge to Baby Boomers and seniors through his website, personal appearances and weekly radio show.

As a young man, Scott entered the US Army as a Paratrooper, and quickly advanced to expanded responsibilities in Washington D.C. Geoff became a member of the Elite Presidential Honor Guard, under President George H.W. Bush, where he performed many duties at The White House, The Pentagon, and Arlington National Cemetery.

At the completion of his enlistment, Geoff's passion to protect led him to a new career as a deputy sheriff and a member of the emergency response team (S.E.R.T). With his free time, Geoff was able to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a WWF wrestler under the names of Brett Tyler.

A tragic back injury led him to the next chapter of his life. Geoff started a successful wrestling school while becoming a surgical nurse and an autotransfusionist.

News of his grandmother, Sophie being abused in a nursing home would forever change his career path. Geoff had a burning desire to prevent this from ever happening to another vulnerable senior. The physical ill-treatment of his grandmother's frail body transformed Geoff into The Senior Bodyguard, the pre-eminant protector of seniors.

After this personal experience and a careful study of the home health care industry, Geoff realized the urgent need to protect seniors, and to provide them the compassionate care they deserve. The result is a proven approach that creates a thriving environment, and helps seniors to "age in place." As a successful entrepreneur and visionary, Geoff leveraged his passion, education, experience, and business knowledge to establish Friends of the Family Home Health Care, which provides an integrated approach to senior living. He has also created a 501c3 nonprofit called Secure Advantages for the Elderly (S.A.F.E).

The Senior Bodyguard Radio Show was introduced shortly after, which provides education and entertainment. With the show reaching listeners nationwide, Geoff is able to help all seniors through his expertise and the Senior Bodyguard Advocate.

Geoff's tenacious devotion to protecting all senior citizens against scams or abuse of any kind has opened the doors to speaking at large events in hopes to not only educate seniors and those who care for them, but to inspire others with his life's mission.