Geoff Scott, The Senior Bodyguard, is a compassionate and innovative thinker who provides security and knowledge to the aging community.

The Senior Bodyguard is one of the few speakers that gear their topics toward senior citizens, their loved ones, and health care professionals. His entertaining and informative presentations educate his participants on safety and the rights they have. He discusses ways to prevent top scams from happening to you, how to stay safe in your home, and how to simply 'ask' for help. With compassion and enthusiasm, The Senior Bodyguard engages with his audience creating memorable, educative entertainment. 


Elder abuse is recognized as a continually increasing and serious problem in our society. Seven different types of abuse will be distinguished and discussed. These include physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, financial/material exploitation, neglect, abandonment, and self-neglect.

Aging in Place

An astounding 90% of seniors prefer to stay in their own home as they age. Why? Comfort, Convenience, Safety, Independence, and Proximity to family. With the desire to 'age in place' come obstacles. Geoff discusses these obstacles and educates his audience on overcoming them.

Bringing Greatness into Your Life with 10 Minutes a Day

Why should a senior find their greatness? Is it possible to achieve? How do I obtain my greatness? What can it do? These are all wonderful questions that Geoff will answer to empower his audience as they achieve greatness!

Caring for the Caregiver

The #1 safety rule while on an aircraft is to care for yourself before assisting others. The same concept rings true in everyday life. To effectively care for others, your emotional and physical needs have to be taken care of. Caring for a loved one brings stress even to the most resilient. Geoff will educate his audience on stresses that one can expect to have and ways to cope with these stresses.

Safety in the Home

The risk of injury increases dramatically with age, with many cases being preventable. Geoff will educate his audience on General Home Safety, Bathroom Safety, Kitchen Safety, Drug Safety, and Outdoor Safety.

Senior Rights

A large percentage of seniors are not knowledgeable of their legal and consumer rights. Geoff discusses the rights of seniors with topics including: Powers of Attorney, Estate Planning, Consumer Issues, End of Life Issues, and Guardianship. Become empowered!

Senior Scams

"The Crime of the 21st Century" is now being considered financial scams targeting seniors. Why? Seniors are often viewed to have large sums of money in the bank. This crime is often low-risk as many go unreported or are untraceable. Geoff will uncover the top scams and educate his audience on ways to avoid being taken advantage of.

The Power of 'Ask'

Resistance is at the root of many senior-care issues. Why? Seniors feel that their independence is at risk if they admit to needing help. This topic can be geared towards two demographics, the care givers and the seniors. Geoff will discuss understanding the resistance, bringing in outside help, how to find the best resources, and the benefits of understanding the goals of the caregiver/senior.

Customized Programs

All of the above programs can be customized to a specific speaking engagement. In addition, each of the topics can be customized into various time frames and formats. Each program can place emphasis on specific sections to address the exact needs that need to be addressed.